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Sam’s Avocado Adventure

Until about a month ago, I had never had an avocado. I hadn’t even tasted guacamole. I decided as a kid that anything that green should be left alone, so I avoided it and stuck with the salsa and sour cream with my nachos (mixed together into a pink puddle on my plate, naturally).

We had some good guacamole at this total dive of a bar earlier this year. I tried it – hesitantly – and really liked it. It made me think that maybe it was time to give avocado a chance.

With all the great Cinco de Mayo recipes popping up in the blogosphere, inspiration hit me this week and I picked one up at the grocery store.

It sat on the shelf all week. Honestly, I was a little afraid of it.

Yep, this harmless little thing totally intimidated me.

Today I decided to finally man up (MAN UP!) and make something with it.

I decided to use half for a Green Goddess dressing for raw vegetables. With the other half, I made Averie’s Cheater’s Guacamole.

The dressing was easy and is absolutely delicious. I didn’t have parsley or tarragon, so I only used basil. I thought the basil complemented the smoothness of the avocado well on its own though; they’re definitely a good match. I didn’t have any anchovies either, so I added a pinch of salt instead.

Another thing I am trying to eat more of is Greek yogurt, but I don’t like it all that much on its own. Using it in this dressing means I’m getting a little dose of healthy fat and protein every time I dunk. I’m pretty pleased about that!

In my head I keep thinking of this as Greek Goddess dressing.

The guacamole was super easy. I didn’t even have to chop up an onion or end up with garlic fingers, which seems to happen regardless of whether I use a garlic press or not.

I don’t have any tortilla chips or corn chips in the house at the moment, so I’ve saved half in case I go to the store tomorrow and can pick some up. Dubsy loves guacamole, so I know he’ll be happy to test it out!

The other half of my guacamole was used with my dinner tonight, Turkey and Sweet Potato Enchiladas. I didn’t bother with the gluten-free tortillas because I was feeling pretty lazy by the time I got around to cooking. I just threw the sauce ingredients in the frying pan with the turkey, onions, and sweet potato, and called it a meal.

I don’t know why I avoided avocados for so long. They really aren’t anything to be afraid of! I’ve seen a lot of Primal smoothie recipes that include avocado, so maybe I’ll try adding it to my smoothie next time I buy one.

Next adventure? Artichokes, which I have only ever had in a dip (and loved).

What’s your favourite avocado recipe? Is there any vegetable you’ve always been a bit intimidated by?


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