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Fit Body, Fit Mind: Tara


Ah, it’s nice to be back in the internet world! It was a crazy busy weekend with lots of company and lots of laughs, followed by lots of packing! It’s one week to go before my big transatlantic move, so chances are my posts will be sparse this week even though I have access to my computer again.

To carry on with the Tuesday tradition, I have a great recommendation from Tara at Treble in the Kitchen for you today. Tara is one of my favourite bloggers. She has a huge bright smile on her face in every picture she posts of herself and I love that! It makes me smile too!

As mentioned above, I won’t be around much and because of my recent power issues I haven’t lined up any more Fit Body, Fit Mind posts. If you are a health and fitness blogger and you would like to share your favourite book, whether it has something to do with your lifestyle or if it’s just a great beach or poolside read, I would love to hear from you. Chances are if I leave semi-regular comments on your blog you are probably on my list of people to approach but I haven’t gotten around to asking you yet! ;) Even if I am unfamiliar with your blog, I would still love to hear from you and to be introduced to your site. Email me at fitformyfork[@] if you’d like to write a guest post for me next week or the week after. I’ll love you forever!

Now on to Tara’s guest post, as promised! Thanks for your recommendation Tara!


Hello Fit For My Fork readers!

My name is Tara, and I am so happy to be sharing with you today.  As soon as Sam asked me to write a guest post for her Fit Body Fit Mind series, I was completely on board!

Experimenting in the kitchen is one of my absolute favorite things to do whether it be preparing a delicious dessert for a party or healthifying a recipe for a tasty dinner option.  I am also an ACE certified personal trainer and teach several fitness classes throughout the week.

At Treble in the Kitchen, you will find my everyday happenings while I try to juggle doing everything I love in the midst of working a full-time job, delicious recipes, and super sweaty workouts.

I have to say that reading isn’t usually something that I consider one of my favorite past times, simply because it is sooo hard for me to sit still long enough to finish a book.  If I am not hooked by a book within the first couple of pages, chances are that I am not going to finish it.  That being said…I was hooked on this book before I even picked it up.

My Favorite Book

When Sam asked me to write about my favorite book that was either centered on health or self-help, I didn’t have to think twice about which book I chose.

Accidentally Overweight by Dr. Libby Weaver

Recently, I was working on board a cruise line as the Fitness Director.  This truly was a very interesting experience for me and my health/fitness career because I feel like I only saw people in extremes.  There were so many people in poor health who did not want to step foot into the gym (my territory), but the people who were in the gym truly wanted to be there.

I remember specifically meeting a man named Leigh Elder who founded a company called Eat For Keeps.  His web site promotes healthful and clean eating, staying active and overall health.  After presenting one of my seminars, he approached me to chat about overall health and well-being and he introduced me to his web site.  Their program at Eat For Keeps is fairly new, and there were many plans in the works.  I think the plan that he was most excited about was working with a woman named Dr. Libby Weaver from New Zealand.  He told me that she was an amazing public speaker who spoke about the importance of nutrition and exercise, much like I had in my seminar, and she had written a book called Accidentally Overweight.  He insisted that I read it.

He was so fired up about this book, that I had to read it!  And I am so glad that I did.

What Is Accidentally Overweight

This book really looks at obesity and why it has become such an epidemic.  So many people simply place the blame on a poor diet and a lack of exercise, and while these are important factors in the health and weight loss equation, there are many more things in the body that are involved.

Dr. Libby identifies and explains how nine different factors ranging from biochemistry to emotions all contribute to this “Accidentally Overweight” problem.

The nine different factors are: digestion, calories, stress hormones, sex hormones, the liver, gut bacteria, the thyroid, insulin, alkalinity, and emotions.  With all these factors in check, the body can be a healthy, lean, mean, fat burning machine!

Why Do I LOVE This Book

I have always been the person to ask the question why, and I feel that this book not only answers that question in many cases but gives food for thought…provoking more of the “why” question. Because of Dr. Libby’s background (she is a registered dietician with a PhD in biochemistry!) she is able to explain why these nine factors are so important, how they truly effect everything in our body, and how we can identify if a certain piece of the puzzle is out of place.

While the explanations are scientific (which can seem a bit intimidating), she throws her personality into the mix, which makes everything easy to comprehend, and kept me constantly turning to the next page.  I literally could not put the book down.

Other Books by Dr. Libby

I have not read any of Dr. Libby’s other books, but her newest book “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” has really peaked my interest, as I think a lot of women in my age category can relate to the scenario that she depicts within this book.

Who Should Read It?

I honestly recommend this book to everyone.  I think it is so vital for us to understand our bodies and take the responsibility of our health into our own hands.  This book is a quick read, provides important and helpful information, and is enjoyable.  What more could you ask for!?

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  2. That sounds like an awesome book! Thanks for sharing Tara – and I love your blog name :)

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