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High Five for Friday – June 22


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It’s my favourite weekday of the week! Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I only have two weeks of work left before going back to Canada, so while I’m now stressing over trying to find a new job, I am also looking forward to having a bit of a break!

Today I’m linking up with Lauren’s blog for her High Five for Friday feature.


These are my five favourite things about the past week:

1. Allegra and I met up for coffee on Thursday which was great! It was so nice to meet another blogger, let alone another Canadian living in the same town as me. I love how blogging brings people together :) It was lovely to meet you Allegra!

2. I went to yoga and spinning this week. Usually I just go to one or the other so it was nice to fit in both.

(Picture Source)

3. We went to Kent to visit Dubsy’s sister last weekend and went out for the first ‘proper’ night out I’ve had in ages. There was much merriment and drinking. My drink(s) of choice were martinis, though I also tried my first Jaegerbomb (peer pressure is awful, I tell ya!). What a strange, horrible, disgusting concoction. Yuck!

(this version over ice, not a fancy thing with an olive in it)

4. Dubsy and I watched 12 Angry Men, which is a brilliant film and I’d highly recommend it. If you’ve seen Carnage (which I also really liked) and were amazed at Polanski’s ability to produce an entire film that takes place in one room, you’ll really like 12 Angry Men. It’s a similar one-room concept, but it’s about a jury trying to decide the fate of the accused in a murder trial. And it’s from 1957. I love old films!

(Picture Source)

5. The pigeon chicks in the nest outside one of our office windows have hatched! This pigeon (we’re assuming it’s the same one) built the nest last year, had two crops of babies, then disappeared. She came back this year and laid more eggs so we were really happy to find that they had hatched when we arrived at the office on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

What was the best part of the past week for you?

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7 thoughts on “High Five for Friday – June 22

  1. That’s so awesome that you had a blogger meetup! Despite the vast number of loggers in Vancouver I still haven’t done one – maybe I’m secretly putting it off because I’m shy…however, if you’ll be in Calgary in two weeks, well, maybe when I come in late July we can meet up! I’ll be there for 10 days, as I just booked from my sister’s due date and the 10 days after (hopefully we get a baby in that time!) so I will have lots of time :). I don’t know Calgary too well and have limited trans but I’ll be staying in the Kensington area so I know I can walk to downtown at least?? Let me know if it’ll be a possibility!

  2. Sam, it was LOVELY meeting you! I really enjoyed our tea date :) Good luck finishing your last 2 weeks of work & take some time to relax when you finally make it back to Calgary!

    Also, where do you go spinning? My gym offers it one night a week but I’m looking for more classes to fit into my schedule again.

    • Kelsey Kerridge, by Parker’s Piece. They have a Tuesday and a Wednesday night class at 6 and 6:15 respectively. :) I’m glad we got a chance to meet up before I left – thanks for cycling all the way to the other side of town to meet me!

  3. Love your 5 favorite things! Sounds like you had an interesting week! I’m kind of a fitness addict myself and I envy you for your time to do yoga AND spinning!
    Your blog is really lovely! Would you like to follow each other?

  4. Good luck in Canada and on finding a new job! Love the baby pigeons part. I bet they’re a bit noisy!

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