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WIAW – Sunshine in Cambridge!


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The sun has finally come out! Sadly it’s not looking like it will stay. Regardless, I spent a bit of time reading outside on my lunch hour, which makes a huge difference to my energy levels in the afternoon!

Sunny weather makes it so much easier to eat well. For me, anyway. I don’t need winter comfort food and crave things like salad and smoothies.

Breakfast #1 – Two protein pancakes with almond butter.

Breakfast #2 – Blueberry smoothie with protein powder, cocoa powder, and milk.

(This is from a previous WIAW since I forgot to photograph my smoothie today!)

Snack – Bakewell Tart punnet from my Graze box (almonds, dried cranberries, and sultanas) with a mug of lemon green tea.

(Picture Source)

Lunch – Rocket and spinach salad with sundried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and chicken, covered in Anna’s delicious cobb salad dressing and two pieces of caramel and sea salt chocolate (not shown). I also had another small handful of almonds when I got back to the office after taking a reading break outside (not shown).

(My lunch was almost gone when I remembered to snap a picture!)

Snack – Celery with peanut butter and two hard-boiled eggs. Thank goodness for all the protein I had this afternoon because spinning was brutal tonight!

Dinner – Beef, snap pea, and pak choi stir fry with hoisin sauce and some egg noodles.

Dessert – I scarfed a chocolate chip cookie with my evening cup of tea ;) I ate it far too fast to even consider taking a picture.

Thanks, as always, to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

What do you crave most when the sun is shining?

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5 thoughts on “WIAW – Sunshine in Cambridge!

  1. Delish eats! Thanks for linking up to my salad dressing girl, so glad you liked it! Do you have a recipe for the protein pancakes you made?? I’m getting a bit sick of my variations :)

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