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A “Challenging” Contest from SlimKicker – CLOSED!


SlimKicker is a website and smart phone app that allows you to track your meals and exercise, join challenges, and reach new levels. You can earn points by making healthy choices and being active in order to work your way towards your next reward.

Both the app and website are intuitive and easy to use. They offer a chance to connect with other users by challenging yourself to make positive changes in your life or diet (like giving up pop for one week). Completing a challenge earns you points and also provides that all-important sense of achievement that can help you stick to your healthy lifestyle.

My favourite part of SlimKicker is the ability to add your own rewards for reaching a new level. The website suggests a few (a new handbag or song from iTunes, for example) but you can also upload your own picture to represent your next reward. The picture will appear each time you log in to remind you what you are working towards. I also like the tips it offers when you add something to your log. I’ve not seen this feature on other websites that let you track calories and exercise.

SlimKicker has tons of challenges that you can take part in, and if you can’t find the one you want, you can create your own!

I had never heard of SlimKicker before Sue approached me about hosting a contest on my blog. Having had a chance to use both the app and website for the last few days, it is my honest opinion that this is the most fun, interactive, and also the most colourful health and fitness app I have ever tried! I have used countless programs, websites, notebooks, and smart phone applications to track my calories and log my exercise and SlimKicker is the best by far.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Slimkicker are giving away a lovely Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale to the person who suggests the best idea for a challenge they can add to the website!

Taken from

Combining new advanced touch sensitive buttons, a tempered glass surface, and new GFX sensors, the 17.6 lb Edition of the Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale is one of the industry’s most advanced digital kitchen scales. The Ozeri Touch 17.6 lb Edition features an elegant reflective black surface made out of high quality tempered glass that is 4 times stronger than normal glass. The Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale 17.6 lb Edition has a capacity range from a mere 0.1 ounces to 17.6 lbs or 8 kg, and provides measurements in graduations of 1 g or 0.1 oz on its updated blue backlit LCD screen. It includes 4 high precision GFX latest generation sensors to deliver superior accuracy and the fastest response times for the quick paced chef.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this entry with your challenge suggestion. Each credible suggestion counts as one entry and SlimKicker will pick their favourite as the winner of the digital scale. Click here to see examples of the challenges SlimKicker already offers.

You do not have to leave a separate comment for each idea and you can come back and add new comments/suggestions as often as you like until the content closes.

This contest is open to US residents only. I will endeavor to give something away to readers in other countries soon!

There are always great challenges going on in the health and fitness blogosphere. Have you seen Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge or Katie’s #teatime12 challenge? Why not create something similar on SlimKicker for your friends or readers or just for yourself so you can keep track of your progress?

Contest closes midnight Friday June 22nd. The contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! I will announce the winner once SlimKicker have had an opportunity to consider all of your (undoubtedly wonderful) suggestions!

*I have not been financially compensated for this post. Opinions are my own, the digital scale is SlimKicker’s (but it could be yours so get cracking on your challenge ideas!).
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15 thoughts on “A “Challenging” Contest from SlimKicker – CLOSED!

  1. Hi friend!!

    Thanks for the teatime loving! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! <3

  2. are you saying i need a smart phone? hehe, if so, i agree! cool AP and scale

  3. I think a good challenge would be to eat a serving of vegetables in every single meal including snacks,awesome giveaway:)

  4. I love this giveaway! I’d say a no dairy challenge would be perfect! Crossing my fingers I win this guy – I’ve been eyeing a digital scale for at least 2 months but have yet to pull the trigger! ;)

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  6. love this giveaway! My idea for a challenge is to do an information diet. What does this have to do with being healthy? Well, too much information makes us stressed which can affect other health.

  7. I think a great idea for a challenge would be “eliminate 1 bad habit cold turkey for 7 days”… examples of bad habits could be anything such as smoking, drinking, hitting the snooze too many times on the alarm clock, watching too much t.v. or skipping a workout. Pretty much anything that sabotages a healthy way of living would be considered a “bad habit”. Those entering the challenge would be asked to state what bad habit they are giving up for that week and then, on check-in could state how they are doing with it. What do you think??

  8. I would suggest either a no-soy or no-gmo-foods challenge. I think people would be surprised at how many of our food products contain genetically modified corn, soy, canola and other ingredients! To help with the challenge, I would suggest that people take a look at the Non-GMO project’s website, for a list of clean products.

  9. My challenge will be to not eat any sugar for 10 days.

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  11. I’m currently doing a 30-day plant based gluten free challenge and loving it. The difference in how I feel and energy level is amazing and I’ve learned to cook with so many new foods. That should be a challenge offered :)

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

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  14. I think a great challenge would be a non-food challenge, becasue even though we want to lose weight, sometimes we think about food too much. Perhaps if we are busy being happy, we wouldnt eat as often. So my challenge is a try an adventure week. Where you try something you have never done before but always wanted to, like rock wall climbing, inline skating, ziplining, dance lesson, karate class, even painting, just something you always wanted to do, but never had the chance. It is time to make your own path in the world, and an adventure could start you out.

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