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A Visit to Burwash Manor


Burwash Manor in Barton is one of my favourite places to visit in Cambridgeshire. It is in the tiny town of Barton, just outside Cambridge.

The farm is over 400 acres and is a working organic farm. All the farm outbuildings no longer in use have been turned into shops, a cafe, and a spa.

There are often events held at the farm – tomorrow is Open Farm Sunday, for example – that include demonstrations, workshops, and exhibitions. Burwash also hosts special days dedicated to the kinds of produce they grow and sell, like asparagus.

Unfortunately the weather today wasn’t great, and our visit was very grey. The best remedy for a chilly walk on an overcast day is cream tea. Did you know that in Devon, they put the cream on the scone first (like I do, because it makes sense to me, not because I have a loyalty to Devon) and then slather on the strawberry jam, but in Cornwall, they do the opposite and put the jam on first? That just seems like a messy way to do it.

Ah, the Cornish, what are they like eh? Thankfully they make wonderful clotted cream!

The Barn Tea Rooms sells delicious food. It’s a cozy little space, but there’s outdoor seating if the weather is nice. I had an asparagus salad there last year (with asparagus grown right on the farm) that was absolutely to die for. My scone today was lovely and fresh. Mmmm!

My favourite shop at Burwash is called The Larder. It’s filled with interesting, slightly posh foodstuffs and today they had baskets of fresh asparagus for sale. They sell everything from a huge assortment of jams and spreads, to muesli, snacks, and cake decorations. The Larder even has a deli counter, and I can vouch for their pies with pork from their own pigs. The selection is great – a bit pricey for every day items, but if you are looking for something special or a gift for someone that loves food, chances are you’ll find it at The Larder.

Once you’ve filled your belly and your bag with fresh food at the tea rooms and The Larder, there are several other stores to check out.

Nest stocks an assortment of new, old, and new-that-look-old items. There are some great vintage items in here, including a collection of license plates – some are even from Canada!

Fulbourn Manor Florists has beautiful bouquets and flower accessories. I love all their pots – it’s too bad I don’t have a garden. My mom bought a little one when she came to visit – see the lime green one that looks like a sack in the middle of the picture? Thankfully it didn’t take up much space in her suitcase!

Bunting left over from Burwash’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations last weekend!

Burwash Manor really has something for everyone. There’s a gift shop, a wine shop, a shop that sells rugs… and of course we can’t forget clothes, because there are two clothing shops called Cuckoo and Cuckoo Kids on the farm as well. My favourite earrings are from Cuckoo.

Now that I am officially counting down the days to my departure, I have a mental list of places I want to go before I leave. Burwash Manor was at the top. It’s where I take friends and family when they come to visit us in Cambridge and I’ve yet to find someone disappointed with the quaint setting and the array of shops.

Honestly, though, how could anyone ever be disappointed with a place as charming as this?

If the shops aren’t your thing, you can walk around the farm’s fields. There are signs and maps posted around Burwash showing different routes.

Or you can just chill out by the river and enjoy something from the Larder’s delicatessen!

My favourite time to visit Burwash – other than on a lovely sunny day – is at Christmas, as there’s an extra marquee filled with ornaments and cards and other holiday goodies. It’s a great place to visit at any time of year, but at Christmas it’s extra festive and the shops always provide good gift-giving inspiration.

Burwash Manor is a must visit if you are ever in the Cambridge area. Barton is not far outside Cambridge – in fact, most of the visits we have had to Burwash have been on foot. It is easily reachable if you like a good walk, as long as you follow it with a scone slathered in cream and sweet strawberry jam and a steaming pot of tea!

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9 thoughts on “A Visit to Burwash Manor

  1. Too cute! My husband and I were just talking about how we want to visit the UK area!

    What is clotted cream? Like butter?

  2. I can see why you take everyone here, there really is something for every person’s taste.. I’d love that Larder and the Nest.. it’s a store I would love to own one day:) Oh yes.. the scones.. and that jam.. and the cream.. Yes, I’d fit right in there!

  3. The Manor looks lovely, I’ll have to make a visit at some point over the summer! I also love the cream-vs-jam first debate. I’m of the opinion that clotted cream must be smeared on first – it slides off the jam layer otherwise! :)

    And those earrings are gorgeous.

  4. What a lovely place. The scone looks particularly delicious with the jam on top. I haven’t had one in years!

  5. So picturesque! That scone looks so delish!

  6. Ooh I want a cream tea so badly right now! This is the side of England I miss the most – the agricultural, fresh, natural, homey, countryside ;). It’s so funny though, isn’t it, how when we leave a place we – in a sense – appreciate it more?

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