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Sam’s Avocado Adventure


Until about a month ago, I had never had an avocado. I hadn’t even tasted guacamole. I decided as a kid that anything that green should be left alone, so I avoided it and stuck with the salsa and sour cream with my nachos (mixed together into a pink puddle on my plate, naturally).

We had some good guacamole at this total dive of a bar earlier this year. I tried it – hesitantly – and really liked it. It made me think that maybe it was time to give avocado a chance.

With all the great Cinco de Mayo recipes popping up in the blogosphere, inspiration hit me this week and I picked one up at the grocery store.

It sat on the shelf all week. Honestly, I was a little afraid of it.

Yep, this harmless little thing totally intimidated me.

Today I decided to finally man up (MAN UP!) and make something with it.

I decided to use half for a Green Goddess dressing for raw vegetables. With the other half, I made Averie’s Cheater’s Guacamole.

The dressing was easy and is absolutely delicious. I didn’t have parsley or tarragon, so I only used basil. I thought the basil complemented the smoothness of the avocado well on its own though; they’re definitely a good match. I didn’t have any anchovies either, so I added a pinch of salt instead.

Another thing I am trying to eat more of is Greek yogurt, but I don’t like it all that much on its own. Using it in this dressing means I’m getting a little dose of healthy fat and protein every time I dunk. I’m pretty pleased about that!

In my head I keep thinking of this as Greek Goddess dressing.

The guacamole was super easy. I didn’t even have to chop up an onion or end up with garlic fingers, which seems to happen regardless of whether I use a garlic press or not.

I don’t have any tortilla chips or corn chips in the house at the moment, so I’ve saved half in case I go to the store tomorrow and can pick some up. Dubsy loves guacamole, so I know he’ll be happy to test it out!

The other half of my guacamole was used with my dinner tonight, Turkey and Sweet Potato Enchiladas. I didn’t bother with the gluten-free tortillas because I was feeling pretty lazy by the time I got around to cooking. I just threw the sauce ingredients in the frying pan with the turkey, onions, and sweet potato, and called it a meal.

I don’t know why I avoided avocados for so long. They really aren’t anything to be afraid of! I’ve seen a lot of Primal smoothie recipes that include avocado, so maybe I’ll try adding it to my smoothie next time I buy one.

Next adventure? Artichokes, which I have only ever had in a dip (and loved).

What’s your favourite avocado recipe? Is there any vegetable you’ve always been a bit intimidated by?

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13 thoughts on “Sam’s Avocado Adventure

  1. I use avocado as a substitute for butter, it’s much healthier and I can sometimes trick myself into thinking it’s yummier (in reality, nothing can really beat a good smear of butter). I also use it in salads (diced) or as a dip. Enjoy your new discovery :)
    Eggplant intimidates me. I love eating it but have no idea how to prepare it myself! Same with asparagus – I watched a youtube video about how to cook it once, but I still got it wrong.

    • I had eggplant for lunch! I peeled it, cut it into long, thin slices, grilled it briefly on both sides, then put pizza toppings on it and grilled again until the cheese melted. Seriously yummy and quick too!

      I’m not sure I could ever replace better with avocado (I love butter too!) but that’s a good idea! I bet it’d be nice and creamy on a sandwich.

  2. How did you go so long without avocados?!?! I love love love them :)

    Have fun trying artichokes!

  3. I LOVE avos! I could eat them all day, any day! I love fresh guacamole as well as avocado-chocolate pudding… hmmm or avocado-lime ice cream! YUM haha.

  4. I loveee me some avocados! I used to never eat them… as I was afraid of the high fat content during my disordered eating days (well the “height” of them) but now bring em on! SO dang good for you and delicious

  5. I can’t believe that you stayed away from avocados for so long. I’m addicted to them! Healthy fats are the way to go. :)

  6. I’m with you on never eating an avocado or guacamole. I tried guacamole a couple of years ago and loved it, but I still don’t like straight up avocado.

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